A Few Reasons YOU Should SERIOUSLY Consider an Electric Bike as a Commuting Option

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They are fast, they are very fast

Now when I say fast I am not talking top speed. Although some electric mountain bikes, with pedal asset (explained bellow), are quicker than you’d imagine! The average American commute time is about 25 mins per day, each way. Funny thing is, the average commute distance is only about a few miles! This is the result of one thing: traffic. One thing we can all agree on (honestly it might just be the uniting topic this divided nation needs to focus on) is: TRAFFIC SUCKS.
With an e bike or especially an e mountain bike (e mtb for short), not only can you zip by stopped traffic and keep up with it when its moving, (e bikes accelerate faster than cars in most scenarios) but because it is not classified as a motor vehicle you are privy to all the trails, parks and shortcuts that cars are not. Along with not having to find or pay for parking, riding an e bike instead of driving, depending on the area, could cut your commuting time in half or more! Reducing overall distance and upping average speed.

Full size electric mountain bikes can fold now!

I actually love this new style of electric mountain bike so much I wrote a whole other blog about them specifically. (Find more on the bikes here and the blog here) The perfect answer for commuter and weekend trail e bikers alike. The full size frame and 26 inch wheels allow you to traverse basically any terrain and with aluminum welding they are immensely strong; yet still completely foldable! This means transportation is a breeze; fitting in the car trunk on weekend trips, on the bus as part of a commute or just plain old carrying it.
An Interesting aspect of a folding e mtb is when you get to work; there is no need to worry about leaving your shinny, brand new, high performance dream machine in the bike rack or out on the street. Just pop a pin, fold it, and boom! Its beside your desk, in the closet, or neatly resting in the hall or break room. Not to mention the storage spaced saved in the garage or your already short on space condo / apartment.


They fill the “first mile / last mile” gap

As many as 45% of Americans don’t have access to public transportation. In most scenarios the problem is they have no way of traveling to and from the closest station, terminal or stop. Even if that distance is only a mile or two, it is still not a feasible or sustainable commuting option to walk that gap both ways everyday. Enter the electric bike.
If this option applies to you, defiantly look at folding e bikes, both full e mtb and compact size models. None folding can also still be considered, as most forms of public transport have bike racks now. Folding e bikes though, especially the compact ones that carry basically like a gym bag, are going to be your go to. This solution to the first / last mile of your public transit commute is simple and it not only allows you to give public transportation greater consideration as an option but makes more housing opportunities available to you if you already rely on it.

Side note:
In my opinion a perfectly thought out selection of commuter and mountain e bikes (both folding and non folding) with amazing quality to price ratio, stellar warranty and free shipping can always be found at emountainbikecompany.com


Its the perfect daily exercise

Even though your new electric bike will be able to run under its own power to an extent, they usually operate through “pedal assist”. This is exactly what it sounds like. You will be assisting the battery powered bike motor by peddling. The US Department Of Health recommends 150 mins of moderate exercise (like a leisurely bike ride) two times a week. If you commute only 15mins each way 5 days a week that adds up to 150 minutes of moderate exercise checked off the list!
Not only are you adding daily exercise to your life, but if you are like me you spend way to much time sitting at a desk. Doing a physical motion, especially one using your legs, before and/or after extended periods of sitting has shown to be a huge contributing factor in reducing blood clots and nerve damage risk. Compare that to driving, which is just, well… more siting.

Choose wisely

So in the end pick a commuting strategy that best suits your lifestyle and work schedule; there will always be an e bike or an e mtb best suited to your needs out there. Pay special attention to power output and battery life when shopping. If this is your first time looking at electric bikes the initial sight of the prices in general might shock you a little, although, this pice of futuristic engineering is meant the replace small motorcycles and cars. Also remember quality to price ratio (Don’t pay for just a name!) and always keep warranty price and length in mind. Happy e biking!

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