How Does Electric Bike Commuting Make You Healthier

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Ever wonder just how much riding a bike can improve your overall fitness? Like many of us I’m sure that the traditional bike style made it impossible to think of your bike as a reliable form of everyday transportation. This is no longer a problem with an electric mountain bike. The pedal assist that comes on the best ebikes available in todays market allows riders up to 70 miles of assisted travelling around 25 mph. Research shows that electric bikes reduce commute time by 30%, not to mention the added ease on your body, turning your bike into a commuting dream.
With today's hectic lifestyle its harder and harder to find the time to get in all that recommend exercise. This makes if much more important to make use of time with other wise waste. Beat the traffic and get your workout, all at your own level of comfort. With the pedal assisted e mountain bikes available now and a 30 minute commute each way, 5 days a week, that’s 5 hours of moderate exercise a week! That’s twice the recommended amount of 2.5 hours a week. More and more people are turning to active transportation for exactly this reason.
The beauty of using an e mountain bike to get into shape is its wide range of levels of assist makes it easy for riders of all levels of fitness to get on and enjoy a great ride. I’ve seen riders who have been cycling for decades using the pedal assist to gain more speed from their ride for even greater enjoyment. Just as often I’ve seen and heard about how the electric motors help people to get a longer ride in over tougher terrain and hills in order to get them out and into the bike riders lifestyle finally. You will get fit riding one of these e mountain bikes and you will enjoy the great outdoors better!
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The pedal assist feature standard on all x-treme e bikes is the very best for anyone looking to use their bike to get fit and live an active lifestyle. This pedal assist system works with you when you pedal to get more out of every stride. Different levels of assist make it easy to find your comfort zone and adjust to growing abilities with ease! Giving you the most freedom out of your bike. Check out our selection of bikes today!

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