Top 10 Features to Consider When Shopping For an Electric Folding Mountain Bike

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A folding electric mountain bike can be the best option for a wide variety of people but there are also a wide variety of bikes available out there. We'll break down some of the most important features to look for when shopping for an a folding e mountain bike.
First off some of the main reasons you may consider a folding electric bike. Their ease of storage when folded up thanks to the small profile of a folded ebike makes them perfect for commuters who need to easily carry and store their bike at work and even at home. They are also the preferred electric bike of choice for RVing travellers looking to make the most of their living space. The folding feature that makes a folding bike a folding bike makes them perfect for fitting in the trunk of a car and avoiding installing that hideous bike rack. Basically a folding ebike does exactly what it's designed for, making your life easier by making itself less of a problem when you're not using it.
folded xcursion 24V electric bike
Main Features to consider when deciding on your new folding electric bike.
1. Motor
2. Throttle
3. Folding
4. Range
5. Drivetrain
6. Braking system
7. Electronics
8. Suspension
9. Tires
10. Service and Warranty
The most important feature of any electric bike would be the electric motor. This is the fundamental difference between a traditional bike and an electric bike, it's also the main working electrical part, meaning it's very important. You will want to decide on how much power you need depending mostly on what kind of riding you will be doing. I would recommend a motor between 300 and 500 watts of power. These are two of the most common sizes of the best folding electric bike motors so they are more reliable in most cases. The combination between performance and value will be decided based on your own personal uses for your folding electric bike. Finding a retailer willing to communicate the best features of what you may need is often the best route to take when purchasing a new folding e bike. The best deals are also still online so don't be shy to message or call any retailers you may have questions for.
baja folding electric mountain bike motor
Most folding electric bikes have a pedal assist system that uses the battery and motor to help each pedal motion give the bike more power the a traditional bike a thus propelling it faster then a normal bike. This is the most popular and efficient type of electric bike but there are some that have a throttle that can be used to propel the bike without pedalling. This type of system employs a throttle button on the handlebars to accelerate but can lead to unpredictable battery life on your ride. Both options to consider but from experience I tend to prefer the pedal assist system as my daily driver.
A good folding bike should store easily and securely. This is the main distinguishing feature so you want to be sure your folding bike is good at this. The main points to get a folding bike may be to store it in a small home or apartment. You may have a mixed commute involving cycling and another form of transportation, like a car or public transport. Once folded a folding ebike fits much easier into a trunk of a car or onto the train or bus. They are also great to take away with you on a trip and they can really add to how you get around once there. Consider the size of the frame and the profile of the folded electric bike as well, based on how you'll be using and storing it. Electric bikes by nature are heavier than a traditional bike thanks to the added components of an electric bike. This means most electric bikes are between 40-50 lbs. This is something to consider too, even though they usually don't feel quite that heavy.
The range of a single charge of an electric bike depends on a few specifications;
- Engine power
- The size of the battery
- The efficiency of the battery
- How much you pedal / Level of pedal assist
- Terrain
These are choices to consider when deciding on what folding ebike you want to purchase. The main point is what kind of riding you plan on doing. Shorter rides on flatter terrain will get more range out of a smaller battery but an off road commute over hills will require a larger battery to cover the same distance. The level of pedal assist can also influence the range. Sometimes as much as dropping from 40 to 25 miles. Batteries with amperage around 9-10 can usually get you to 40 mile range territory, which is pretty impressive. Charging is an important habit of ebike owners. These bikes use big batteries that take around 4 hours to charge so you're gonna want to make sure you plug them in regularly and not get stuck with an uncharged bike. 
The drivetrain on the vast majority of folding electric bikes are the same design as traditional bikes but with added electric components to insert the power to help propel your ebike. This design using a crankset, cassette, a chain, derailleurs and shifters works and it works well. It's a proven model on all types of bikes.
baja electric bike drietrain

Braking System
Powerful folding electric bikes need equally as strong brakes to ensure safe stopping. Manual or hydraulic disk brakes are a must on electric mountain bikes because of their quick speed and added weight. They are a very important safety feature. Motor inhibitors that disengages the electric motor once the brake handle is pulled can be a good idea as well. They help so you won't be fighting that powerful electric motor when you're trying to stop.
e mountain bike front brake
Good quality electric bikes will include an electric display. This should display your speed and distance as well as give you a good estimate of your remaining battery level and range. They will often display your level of pedal assist too. You should look for this feature because it's nice to know how your bike is operating, especially on longer trips.
baja electric mountain bike display
The suspension of a folding electric bike is sometimes a harder decision then it has to be. Most folding bikes don't feature a full suspension because of the folding design. I personally think it's well worth finding a full suspension folding ebike because it makes for a much smoother ride at speed. The assisted pedalling makes the hardtail bike unnecessary. Less power is lost through the frame thanks to the electric pedal assist.
Tire are important on any bike. Your want them to be reliable and also the right size and width for the terrain you'll be riding. Another something to consider should be the style of suspension you go with for your electric folding bike. If you've gone with a hardtail bike you may want to consider wider tires for a smoother ride.
Service and Warranty
Service and warranty is a much more important aspect to purchasing an electric folding bike compared to a traditional bike. Even though electric bikes are very reliable, it's nice to have someone to call if you have an issue or even just some questions. Many retailers offer an extended warranty as an extra to keep prices competitive but you can find these warranties can be quite valuable to the customer sometimes. You'll find a lot of good service online this days. Look for retailers that have a phone number or email that you can reach quickly. Authorized retailers a good route as they often have good relationships with the manufacturers.    

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