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Electric bike or often just called an "e bike", are bicycles with the addition of an electronic system consisting of a motor and battery, to the normal pedal and chain drivetrain of a traditional bicycle. This electronic motor can be used alongside pedalling to assist and gain speed or it can be used independently to fully power the bike. Just like traditional bikes, e bikes come in a variety of styles for different uses.
Common e bike styles include:
 Road e bikes: These bikes tend to be lighter weight with skinnier tires just like their traditional counterpart. These bikes are made for speed over a smooth terrain and not suitable for carrying weight or traversing rough terrain.
 e Mountain bikes: These bikes are much more durable and are designed to be ridden off road and over rough terrain. They are perfect for unpaved roads but also do well on paved roads. They are the most versatile of the electronic bikes. You'll most likely find them with either only a front suspension which is a "Hardtail", or suspensions in both the front and back making it a "full suspension" bike.
X-treme e bike's Rubicon 48V e Mountain Bike features a full suspension and 500W battery. 
Hybrid e bikes: These bikes are a mix between an electric road bike and an electric mountain bike. They normally feature a front end suspension. Hybrid bikes offer a more comfortable ride than an e road bike but they lack the durability found in an e mountain bike.
sedon step through electric bike
The Sedona 48V "Step-thru" e Mountain Bike by X-treme bikes is an excellent example of a hybrid bike with it's full suspension and relaxed styling.  
Cruiser bike: These bikes offer a very comfortable ride but are designed to be ridden on paved roads or trails. They have bigger seats and more upright handlebars. They are designed for casual riding and short commutes. Picture Venice beach!
Fat tire e bike: Electric fat tire bikes are pretty similar to e mountain bikes but they feature a much wider more rugged set of tires. These tire are usually 4 inches wide and can offer a smoother ride thanks their large tires. These bikes also have a distinct advantage in terrains like sand and snow. Their increased width offering more buoyancy in sand and traction in snow. These are the toughest electric bikes.
Folding e bikes: These bikes offer a very unique feature in that they fold in the middle of their frame for easier storage. These bikes can be their own unique style or can incorporate other styles into the folding category. These bikes are excellent solutions for storage issues and in all sorts of situations like commuting and travel.
The E-Rider Mini 48V Folding e Mountain Bike by X-treme electric bikes is a good example of a traditional folding e bike.
Commuter e bikes: I prefer to call these urban e bikes because commutes vary for everyone. These bikes are specifically for the urban lifestyle. They have smooth simple designs for riding on paved roads. These bikes feature stylish design but you will want top consider what you will be using your bike for because their design could be potentially limiting.
Electric bikes are exploding onto the market at the moment as their practicality and efficiency continue to be proven everyday. If you have any other questions about different e bike models or general questions about electric bikes, feel free to reach out to us at 1-844-79E-BIKE or send us an email at info@emountainbikecompany.com. Happy trails everyone! 

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